1. Group Classes

    Group classes are a fun and exciting way to work out, train, and learn a martial art. Students in the group class come from different levels and different backgrounds. As such, beginners, intermediate, or experienced people are able to learn something new every class while getting a great workout. Most importantly, having a great time learning the attributes of different edged weapons (knives), impact weapons (sticks, batons, clubs), and hand to hand techniques for self defense.

  2. Seminars/Workshops

    Seminars and workshops are often good ways to be introduced to different aspects of a martial arts system or focus on specific techniques or concepts you can use to improve your skills or your martial art's club skills. Topics that have been taught in the past but certainly open to be covered: - Edged and Impact Weapon Training (Knives, sticks, clubs, batons, and improvised weapons) - Self Defense Training (Women's self defense, improvised weapons) - Overview of Lightning Scientific Arnis (LSAI) weapon systems (solo baston, doble baston, espada y daga) To book a seminar/workshop or for more information contact: or call (703) 594-7680.

Group Class Schedule:

Wednesdays - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm at MiKiDo
3443 Carlin Springs Road, Bailey's Crossroads, VA 22041

Sundays - 12:00 - 2:00 pm at Fighters Garage
132 W Jefferson Ave, Falls Church VA 22046
As a former bouncer at a very large nightclub in the bad part of DC, I know how fast a fight can start and how devastating injuries can be. A simple pool cue or a broken bottle become improvised sticks and knives, and knowing how to deal with these threats can save your life. Even if you don't go out on the town, plenty of muggers carry knives and pool cues or baseball bats. As the survivor of fights with weapons and fists, I can tell you first hand that Lightning Scientific Arnis is the training I wish I had had before I started working security.

Even though I do quite a bit less fighting these days for a profession and fight more for fitness and self mastery, the skills and training of Arnis have upped my ability in other arts as well. Self defense should be available to everyone, and I feel it is a good investment of your time and art. As such, Lightning Arnis is worth your time and effort for fitness and defense.
- Raven B., Bouncer and Medical Professional