Rules and Code of Conduct

To ensure everyone is able to enjoy their training experience and maximize their time, please follow these rules and guidelines.

1. A positive training environment is everyone's responsibility. I will train with a positive attitude and treat the instructor and my classmates with respect and dignity. I will not throw my weapon in frustration. Each class begins and ends in a circle to demonstrate our mutual respect. The class bow their weapons at the beginning and end of class convey respect for our instructor, classmates, and for the martial arts style. 

2. It is my responsibility to purchase my own training equipment and to come to every class with the appropriate gear. I can see the list of required equipment for each class is listed on the classes page on the website or ask an instructor what is required.

3. I understand that weapons training is dangerous and will follow instructions at all times to ensure safety. I will not attack my training partner faster or harder than I would want to be attacked during drills. I will not swing my weapons or limbs wildly and I will ensure I am attacking the prescribed target both to ensure good training and for safety.

4. I will exercise good hygiene and help maintain a clean training environment. I will keep my equipment clean and ensure my clothing and person are clean as I understand this reflects my attitude towards the system, my classmates, and the instructor.

5. I will arrive a few minutes before class begins to maintain my equipment, change my clothes, and to use the restroom. 

6. As a member of the club, I will ensure that my dues are paid on time.

7. I will follow all instructions regarding techniques and the use of the training equipment. I will ask the instructor for clarification if the instructions were unclear.

8. I understand that as a member of the club I am required to wear a Lightning Combatives uniform to every class and seminar to express my commitment to the art.